Basic info
Class Interceptor
Role EMC
Affiliation Empire
Tech level Tier 1
Special Module Microwarp engine
Active modules 2
Passive modules 0
Rockets Small: 4
Weapon modifiers 0
Ship modifiers 0
Cost 70 000 credits
Requires None
Required for Dvergr 2, Dvergr knight
Dvergr is a T2 Recon interceptor that is provided by the Empire.  It starts off with factory default rail guns (T1) however it can be upgraded with assault lasers or plasma cannons. 

Special Module and Additional specsEdit

  • Energy consumption of EMC modules decreased by 20%
  • Main weapon damage increased by 25%
  • Beacon capture speed increased by 20%
  • Critical chance increased by 30%
  • Reward bonus: 15%
  • Synergy stages: 2 (7500 pts.)

Special Module: Microwarp EngineEdit

  • Energy cost: 30
  • Cooldown: 45 sec
  • Accelerates the ship to a speed 28 faster than its default max speed for 2 seconds. Preparing the microwarp takes 2.5 seconds.


Hull and ShieldsEdit



Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value
0 30 -30 76.3 pts./s 1830 15 -30 45 0 pts./s 2950.0

Energy and SensorsEdit

Energy Sensors
Value Regeneration Sensor range Target lock time
210 40,7 pts./s 3500 m 1 s

Speed, Maneuverability and AccelerationEdit

Speed 190 m/s
Reverse Speed 80 m/s
Horizontal Strafe 91 m/s
Vertical Strafe 91 m/s
Acceleration 21.2 m/s2
Afterburner Speed 332.5  m/s
Afterburner energ. use 50.1 en/s
Roll 78 deg/s
Yaw 102 deg/s
Pitch 102 deg/s

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