Dvergr Knight
Dvergr Knight
Basic info
Class Interceptor
Role Saboteur
Affiliation Empire
Tech level Tier 2
Special Module Microwarp Engine
Active modules 2
Passive modules 1
Rockets Small: 6
Weapon modifiers 0
Ship modifiers 0
Cost 170 000 credits
Requires Dvergr
Required for Dwarf
Dvergr Knight is a T2 Recon interceptor of the Empire faction.

Special Module and Additional specsEdit

  • Energy consumption of Saboteur modules decreased by 20%
  • Main weapon damage increased by 10%
  • Beacon capture speed increased by 20%
  • Critical chance increased by 55%
  • Reward bonus: 30%
  • Synergy stages: 2 (7500 pts.)

Special ModuleEdit

  • Energy cost: 30
  • Cooldown: 45 sec
  • Accelerates the ship to a speed 28 faster than its default max speed for 2 seconds. Preparing the microwarp takes 2.5 seconds. Disrupts the enemy's ability to lock on and track targets in a 750m radius for 3 sec


Hull and ShieldsEdit



Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value
0 30 -30 72.2 pts./s 1900 30 0 60 0 pts./s 3060

Energy and SensorsEdit

Energy Sensors
Value Regeneration Sensor range Target lock time
215 41,7 pts./s 3500 m 1 s

Speed, Maneuverability and AccelerationEdit

Speed 190 m/s
Reverse Speed 80 m/s
Horizontal Strafe 91 m/s
Vertical Strafe 91 m/s
Acceleration 21.2 m/s2
Afterburner Speed 332.5  m/s
Afterburner energ. use 52.3 en/s
Roll 78 deg/s
Yaw 102 deg/s
Pitch 102 deg/s

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