Basic info
Class Frigate
Role Engineer
Affiliation Federation
Tech level Tier 4
Special Module Combat Drones
Active modules Four slots
Passive modules Three slots
Rockets Medium: 4, large: 4
Weapon modifiers 3
Ship modifiers 5
Cost 4 550 000 SC
Requires Anaconda
Required for Grizzly-M

Grizzly is a Federation T4 Engineering Frigate. It requires rank 10 with the federation. It starts off with factory default rail guns (T4) however it can be upgraded with lasers or plasma cannons.

Special Module and Additional specsEdit

  • Energy consumption of Engineer modules decreased by 20%
  • Reward bonus: 140%
  • Synergy stages: 8 (7500 pts.)

Special ModuleEdit

  • Energy cost: 20.6 pts/s
  • Cooldown: 45 sec
  • Launches 2 drones with 175 hull strength pts. each. Each drone shoots the target dealing 370.8 thermal damage per second in a 1500m radius. Drones damage scales with the ship's main weapon level.


Hull and ShieldsEdit



Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value Thermal Kinetic EM Regen. Value
0 30 -30 140 pts./s 7995 15 -15 45 0 pts./s 9287.5

Energy and SensorsEdit

Energy Sensors
Value Regeneration Sensor range Target lock time
910 176,4 pts./s 3000 m 1,4 s

Speed, Maneuverability and AccelerationEdit

Speed 153.1 m/s
Reverse Speed 44 m/s
Horizontal Strafe 49 m/s
Vertical Strafe 49 m/s
Acceleration 6.6 m/s2
Afterburner Speed 268  m/s
Afterburner energ. use 178 en/s
Roll 46.8 deg/s
Yaw 39 deg/s
Pitch 39 deg/s

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