The Guided Torpedo is a Special Module  found on Long Range Jericho Frigates.  The module fires a torpedo that is user-guided and can either be used to directly impact or detonated near targets causing splash damage within a certain radius and covering a small area with a damage-over-time effect. The effect is stronger in its center.

Activating the Guided Torpedo brings the user into a special screen to control the missile. The graphics also become less distinct, and the ship is vulnerable during use.
2013-08-09 00003

Guided Torpedo activated using Templar AE. PVP


  • 8,000m range in T2. 10,000m in T3.
  • Can be brought down by anti-missile modules used on Guard frigates.
  • Cooldown: 16 Seconds 
  • Damage: Scales with main weapon level 
  • Explosive radius: About 270m  


If certain death is imminent, the Guided Torpedo can be used as a self-destruct device by immediately detonating the torpedo after its launch - possibly damaging or destroying any nearby enemy ships.


The Guided Torpedo is highly reminiscent to the Redeemer, a weapon from the Unreal series.