Long Range frigates are one of the 9 Ship Classes, and come exclusively from the Empire and Jericho factions. Long Range frigates are designed to target enemies at a long distance, and also happen to have the weakest hull and shields in comparison to the other Frigate classes, however they still have more base Shield and/or Hull than any Interceptor or Fighter. They are also the only ship type in existence to get 6 weapon turrets, which in some cases can make their main weapon damage surpass that of even an equivalent-tier fighter Gunship in Overdrive mode.

Special Modules:Edit

Empire: DesintegratorEdit

Jericho: Guided TorpedoEdit

Modules Specific to Long Range:Edit

  • EM Scattering Field: Hides the Long Range frigate from enemy radar and prevents target locks on it for an extended period of time, but only if it doesn't move in any direction. It can still use its long range modules and turn.
  • Tachyon Charge: Accelerates the reload cooldown of the next Desintigrator or Long Range Torpedo shot by 90%. Cancels any Weapon Overcharge currently in effect.
  • Weapon Overcharge: Increases the damage of the next Desintegrator or Long Range Torpedo shot. Cancels any Tachyon Charge currently in effect.
  • IR Pulsar: Breaks all missle locks currently on the Long Range Frigate with a 100% success rate.