The "Needle" Deflector system is a powerful weapon mod for plasma cannons, which turns the ususal EM damage caused by plasma into kinetic damage. The plasma is converted into heavy-hitting projectiles similar to railguns that tear apart the hull of a ship.

Needle deflectors are commonly coupled with Double Deflector systems to allow an attacker to quickly take down the shields of an enemy and then wreck the hull with kinetic damage.

Technical InfoEdit

Plasma cannons deal kinetic damage instead of EM.  Damage is also increased.

Bonus DamageEdit

Mk 1 Mk2 Mk 3 Premium
1% 2.5% 4.8% 4.8%


Mk 1 Mk2 Mk 3 Premium
36 720 183 600 275 400 725 Galactic Standards

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