A new week has come, and with it a new patch and new features in the game!

This time, we decided to treat you with a new system of battle participation.

Say your resounding «No!» to the tactics of hiding behind asteroids! Go on and give it your all in desperate battles!

In this new patch, beginners as well as old-timers will be able to take an equal part in the battle, providing a contribution to the victory of their team.

You just joined the fight and only after a couple of minutes all of your ships have been destroyed by the enemy? This is no longer a problem!

Corporations are willing to support the pilots fighting on their side and provide a continuous arrival of reinforcements from the main ship of the fleet.

The ships now don't sustain critical damage that stops them from participating in fight, and after a while they can rejoin the battle.

Infinite respawns should spur our veterans to commit to more decisive action.

Just imagine how much combat potential is open to you now!

From now on, it's all-out fighting to the very end.

Don't be afraid to experiment, try new weapons and modules.

One can endlessly change tactics, coming up with more and more original models of attack and defense, inventing clever deceptive maneuvers.

And, most importantly, — «asteroid peek-a-boo» can be left only for the most hardcore snipers!

Patch notes:Edit

Game modes: GeneralEdit

  • Endless support of the fleet:
    • Now the downed ships do not completely go out of action, and after a while they come back to the battlefield.
    • Total damage taken by ships, and the total cost of repair is evenly distributed among all the players' ships after the battle.
    • Contracts are adapted to the new conditions.
  • In looting, the first attempt has a 100% chance of finding something.

Game Mode: DominationEdit

  • Improved the visual representation of the beacon capture process.

Game balance: Battle search, matchmakingEdit

  • Fixed the power estimation of the ships, which previously led to too-frequent encounters with stronger opponents.
  • Improved fight queue settings.

Contracts: GeneralEdit

  • Fixed bonus rewards for contracts.

Weapons and modules: GeneralEdit

  • Mk3 and premium modules and weapons now have equal power.

Weapons and modules: RocketsEdit

  • Reduced high level rockets' damage
  • Added Mk3 and premium rockets.
  • Mk3 and premium rockets now have equal power.
  • Premium rockets are now installed on ships in higher quantities.
  • Added a new type of ammunition "Drones":
    • Installed in the bay for heavy rockets.
    • Follows the locked target and tries to destroy it.
    • If there are no locked targets, or they are beyond the operational range of the drone, the drone flies next to its owner's ship.
    • The drone can be shot down, so it can not be picked up in space.
    • A single ship can't have more than one active drone at a time.

Interface: GeneralEdit

  • Items are also sorted by their tech level.

Interface: HUDEdit

  • Added advanced notifications on the reasons for victory or failure.

Equipment tabEdit

  • Improved the fourth platform.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • New sounds for some unguided rockets.
  • Improvements in voiceover (English).
  • Improvements and balancing of plasma cannon sounds.
  • Other minor improvements.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed wrong contracts progress messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the purchased rockets were not installed in the slot, and were delivered to the storage instead.
  • Fixed several crash to desktop bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the reduction of vehicle parameters when removing certain modules.