Patch 063


New map, brand new game mode and the ability to place a sticker on your ship — here is a small part of the changes which you can find in the new patch.

The new patch brings us a new game mode called «Combat Reconnaissance!»

Modern technology comes to the front line: the captain of each team is given a powerful radar, which allows the captain to see all the movements of enemy ships. The radar also provides a signal for the base teleporters: while the captain is alive, the ships of his team respawn infinitely.

Unfortunately, the high-power radar's signal cannot be shielded, so the captain is always visible to all enemy ships. When the captain dies, the ships of his team can no longer respawn.

The game ends when all the enemies are destroyed or the battle's time is out.If both captains are alive after the timeout, the winning team is the one which killed the most enemies.

The new mode makes the game even more dynamic and is a great treat for the fans of uncompromising battles!

Patch notes:Edit


  • Added a new battleground "Threshold"
  • Added stickers for ships, the sticker interface is available in the Equipment tab.
  • Added a new game mode "Combat reconnaissance":
    • At the start of a battle, a random player is chosen to be the team's Captain.
    • Captain sees all the enemies on the battlefield, at any distance.
    • The enemy captain is also visible to the whole team at any distance.
    • The captain has only one ship that he chooses at the start.
    • The captain has very high survivability.
    • While the Captain is alive, his entire team has unlimited respawns.
    • The task is to eliminate the enemy team.
    • The number of attempts to find loot after winning the "Combar reconnaissance" is reduced by 1, due to the low overall duration of the combat.

Game balance: Battle search, matchmakingEdit

  • Added different queues for classic game modes and the new, experimental ones:
    • [Fight] Regular: At the moment, this includes the "Beacon Capture" mode. Number of spawns is limited.
    • [Fight] Arcade: This mode includes "Domination" and "Combat Reconnaissance". Number of spawns is unlimited.

Ships: GeneralEdit

  • Improved Empire ships, now they possess the following features:
    • Hull strength bonus +35% (relative to baseline values).
    • Shield strength penalty -20% (relative to baseline values).
    • Main weapon damage +5% (relative to baseline values).

Weapons and modules: GeneralEdit

  • In preparation for the new player development tree, all the skill requirements for weapons and modules have been removed.
  • Changed and refined the optimum and maximum range for the majority of weapons. Adjusted damage per second.
  • Modified and arranged in the optimal and maximum range for most guns, adjusted damage:
    • Maximum range for all weapons is +30% of the optimal range
    • In the optimal range weapons deal 100% damage
    • The damage decreases linearly to 30% in the maximum range
    • You don't deal any damage if you are out of maximal range
    • The descriptions only show the optimal range

Weapons and modules: RailgunEdit

  • Assault Railgun: Reduced rate of spread increase.
  • Rapid-fire Railgun: Reduced damage per second, increased spread, projectile speed unchanged, range reduced.

Weapons and modules: LasersEdit

  • Increased damage per second by 4%.

Weapons and modules: Plasma CannonsEdit

  • Optimum range is now more adequate and closer to the maximum.
  • Projectile speed increased by 20%.
  • Increased damage per second by 10% (except for the rapid-fire version).
  • Rapid-fire Plasma Cannon: Reduced spread.
  • Rapid-fire Plasma Cannon: Reduced rate of spread increase.

Interface: GeneralEdit

  • List of players in the battle is sorted by the strength of their ships.
  • Added chat tabs for each channel. By default, the game enables the channel that matches the language of the game client.
  •  Added cooperation and targeting commands in testing mode. Currently only functional with beacons:
    • Context attack - numpad 1. Aim at the beacon and press the button.
    • Context defence - numpad 2. Aim at the beacon and press the button.
    • The whole team sees the message "Player: Attacking beacon Y", "Player: Need help defending beacon Y".
    • Beacons display two labels (A) - someone is going to attack, (D) - someone is going to defend the beacon, (H red) - someone is asking for help in attacking the beacon, (H blue) - someone is asking for help in defending the beacon
    • AI ships also use labels, so now you can see what they attack/defend
    • You can read the full description, leave comments and suggestions on combat interaction on the game's forums.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • Improvements and balancing of ambient sounds in the hangar.
  • Improvements of hit sounds, balance improvements.
  • Improvements in filter settings and torpedo explosions.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed incorrect display of the possible targets of the module.
  • Fixed mouse inversion in 'disintegrator' mode.