Patch 0.6.4


The Federation is known for appreciating comfort and convenience. In addition to this, they value simplicity and ease of management. We took the finest Federation citizens as an example, and made control of the game easier.Previously, to coordinate a squad you had to be constantly distracted to enter the appropriate command in the chat.Now the game has a new user-friendly squad interface. From now on, there is nothing stopping you in battle!

So we present to you another innovation prompted by the representatives of the Federation.

A friend list window has appeared in Star Conflict. You can add players to the friends list, monitor their status, share quick messages, invite them to squads or add them to your ignore list.

Patch notes:Edit

Class modulesEdit

  • Federation frigate drones' base damage reduced by 12%
  • Disintegrator damage increased by 5%. Increased its power growth with the increase of a ship's technological level. Increased range of up to 10km optimal.
  • Jericho frigate guided missile damage increased by 12%. Increased its power growth with the increase of a ship's technological level.


  • Extended set of stickers for ships
  • Added friend management window:
    • "Friends" tab lists all the player's friends, and allows to add new friends.
    • Friendship requires mutual consent.
    • Friendship requests show up in a separate tab "New."
    • "Followed" tab lists those whom the player is following.
    • Following does not require mutual consent and can be used by one of the sides.
    • "Ignored" tab shows those players who are ignored by you.
    • You do not receive chat messages or invitations to squads from ignored players.
    • Right-click on a player's name in these windows, and a context menu with additional options (eg squad invite) will appear.
  • Added a squad control window:
    • PLEASE NOTE: You can only add players from the Friends or Followed lists to your squads.
    • To create a squad, choose a player from the respective list and open the context menu by clicking on the player's name with the right mouse button.
    • To join a battle, the Leader has to click the "Fight" button.
    • When the Leader presses this button, all players have to confirm they are ready.
    • At the moment, players do not see whether or not a squad member is online. In the future, the functionality will be expanded.
    • Due to the fact that Squads are temporary and player Corporations are permanent, individual names have been removed from squads, those are only for the Corporations.

Game modes: GeneralEdit

  • Time penalty reset: If the player has survived on one ship for more than 3 minutes, the next spawn, time penalty will be dropped.
  • Disabled time penalty in practice and training.
  • Reduced speed of beacon capture by interceptors.

Game Modes: Capture the BeaconEdit

  • Increased reputation rewards by 10%.

Game Mode: DominationEdit

  • Increased the time limit

Game Mode: Combat ReconnaissanceEdit

  • Improved the logic of the choice of captain: now this more likely will be the strongest player on the team.
  • Rewards increased to standard values.
  • The number of attempts to find loot also increased to standard values.
  • Improved the display of the enemy captain and regular pilots.

Game balance: MatchmakingEdit

  • Improvements and fixes designed to reduce waiting time.

Battlefield: BarrierEdit

  • Fixed a graphical error.

Weapons and modules: GeneralEdit

  • Infrared missile traps cooldown reduced from 35s to 15s.

Interface: HUDEdit

  • Changed ship markers display.
  • Fixed colour of the player's name on ship labels.
  • Fixed simultaneous display of the "Destroyed" text and the name of the Captain.
  • The enemy leader is correctly displayed in "Combat Reconnaissance" game mode.
  • The "Fight" button is correctly displayed as locked to everyone but the leader of the squad.
  • Improved ship markers. Reduced the borders of their expansion. Tweaked borders' brightness.
  • Aim leading is always shown.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • Improvement of plasma sounds.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug with the introduction of foreign elements in Combat Results
  • Fixed respawn after the elimination of the Captain