Patch 072


The new Star Conflict patch sees further development and improvement of the corporations. We added the ability to expand your corporations. The set of corporation ratings has been expanded with such new categories as PvP and PvE performance. We also added tags (abbreviations) for corporations. Add a tag to your name and everyone will know whose side you are on!

The new patch also brings long-awaited changes to pilot development screen! Technologies are now combined into universal «implants» and each side of the conflict is pleased to provide you with their own unique sets.

Pick your unique combination of implants and you won't leave the enemy a chance to win!

For our experienced and brave pilots flying T3 and T4 ships, we added a new mission — «Maintenance shop defence», where players have to protect hiddenl repair facilities, located in an asteroid belt. It is a difficult scenario, but it will test the strength of the most fearless pilots!

We would be grateful if you expressed your opinions about tthis patch!

For a complete list of changes, visit the game forum.

Patch notes:Edit

General changesEdit

  • Changed the pilot development screen:
    • Experience no longer affects the development of the pilot, previously distributed experience points will be returned, the accumulation of experience will continue with the old rules, the experience will be used later in a major game update.
    • Reduced the number of technologies, most united in "implants."
    • The races offer unique lines of technologies - each new rank openes one new implant of the chosen race.
    • From several implants of the same rank, only one can be installed (and active) at a time.
    • Replacement of an implant with a different one can be made at any time.
    • Implants only affect ships of the same and higher Tier, not the lower Tiers

Corporations: GeneralEdit

  • Added the option to expand corporation rosters.
  • Added the option to change the name of the corporation.
  • Added new corporation ratings, such as PvP and PvE performance.
  • Added tags (abbreviations) for corporations:
    • Corporation tags are unique.
    • The tag can be created in the corporation management screen. The presence of the tag is not necessary for the corporation.
    • Corporation tags appear before the name of the player. If the corporation has no tag, nothing is displayed.
    • The tag of the corporation may be changed or deleted.

PvE Scenarios: GeneralEdit

  • Increased the reward for completing each round of scenarios

Mission "Maintenance ship defence"Edit

  • Added a new scenario where players have to protect hidden repair facilities, located in an asteroid belt.
  • The new mission is designed for players with T3-T4 ships.

Game balance: GeneralEdit

  • Removed the device "Tactical software." Those who have already purchased it, may continue to use it until the end of its functioning time.
  • Added a new device "hacked firmware" that increases in-combat reputation gain to 200%.
  • The ability to change the type of combat slots becomes available at ranks 3, 4 and 5 with any race, respectively.
  • Reduced the number of AI ships involved in fights in "classic" modes.

Weapons and modules: GeneralEdit

  • Power of all premium modules has been upgraded to the Mk III level.
  • Most active modules now have increased power consumption and reduced cooldowns.
  • Standardized the active distance for same-type modules.
  • Standardized effectiveness increase in modules within their modifications: Mk I, Mk II, etc.
  • The following modules have changed affiliation to the classes of ships:
    • The ion beam is now installed only on the Interceptors.
    • Engine suppressor can only be installed on Fighters.
    • Electronic interference module can only be installed on Fighters.

Weapons and modules: RailgunsEdit

  • Assault Railgun - Damage increased by 10%.
  • Stabilized Railgun - Damage increased by 10%.

Weapons and modules: PlasmaEdit

  • All kinds of plasma cannons - Damage increased by 5%.

Weapons and units: RocketsEdit

  • Reduced damage of ion rockets.
  • Increased damage of the attack drone.

Weapons and modules: Support modulesEdit

  • Stabilizer coils are now available for credits.
  • Collision compensator now also increases the ship's agility.
  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of the modules enhancing survivability of the ship (resistances, hull and shield strengthening).
  • Slightly reduced the effectiveness of the modules that provide resistance to all types of damage.

Weapons and modules: Class ModulesEdit

  • Resistance of the "Phase Shield" has been reduced from 60% to 40%.

Interface: GeneralEdit

  • Intro video automatically turns off after the first launch, you can enable it again in game settings.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • The work and the impact of enemy modules can now be heard more clearly.
  • Added voiceover for the "Combat reconnaissance" mode.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed resets of current active devices (microchips) when changing race.
  • Fixed duration display errors of active devices.
  • The teams' kill counter should now correctly display enemies that self-destruct or crash into obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash while searching for battles.