Patch notes:Edit

General changesEdit

  • Added a new «Achievements» window.

Game mode: Combat reconnaissanceEdit

  • Now, when the enemy captain is killed, all the enemy ships become visible on the radar.
  • Instead of higher damage resistance, the captain's ship now has increased main weapon damage.

Weapons and modules: LasersEdit

  • Heavy Laser: Optimum range has been reduced by 10%, damage has been reduced by 10%, the rate of barrel rotation has been reduced.
  • Long-range laser: Damage increased by 10%.

Weapons and modules: RailgunsEdit

  • Assault Railgun: Reduced the value and growth rate of spread.
  • Long Range Railgun: Reduced the value and growth rate of spread.
  • Heavy Railgun: The optimum range has been reduced by 10%.

Weapons and modules: Plasma cannonsEdit

  • Rapid-fire plasma: Reduced the value and growth rate of spread.
  • Heavy plasma: Increased projectile speed by 5%.
  • Rapid-fire plasma: Damage increased by 7.5%.

Weapons and modules: MissilesEdit

  • Medium rockets: Added missile batteries «Firestorm».
  • Large rockets: Added missile batteries «Octopus».

Weapons and modules: Active ModulesEdit

  • «Collision compensator» — reduced the bonus to maneuverability.

Interface: GeneralEdit

  • The Escape-menu has a new item to provide quick access to technical support.
  • Added a new status of «Queued», reflecting that a friend or a member of the corporation got into the battle queue.

Sound and Music: GeneralEdit

  • Improved sounds in the hangar.
  • New sounds for the missile batteries.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Installation of implants is now correctly reflected in the vehicle parameters in the interface.
  • Fixed bugs that in different cases led to inappropriate behavior of the game cursor.
  • Fixed bugs associated with automatic replenishment of ammunition.
  • Fixed bugs that allowed leaving the combat zone.
  • Removed incorrect modules and weapons used by the bots.

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