Missiles are secondary weapons, and ships may only carry a limited number for each mission.  Each missile costs a certain number of credits but can deal more damage per hit than a primary weapon.  Some missiles may have special effects on hit, while others deal flat damage.

 Small Unguided MissilesEdit

  1. Plasma missiles
  2. Piercing missiles

 Medium Unguided MissilesEdit

  1. Firestorm

 Large Unguided MissilesEdit

  1. Torpedo

Small Homing MissilesEdit

  1. Small missiles

Medium Homing MissilesEdit

  1. EM Missile
  2. Armor-Piercing Missile
  3. Standard Missile
  4. Ion Warhead
  5. Slowing Field missile

Large Homing MissilesEdit

  1. Cruise Missile
  2. Octopus

Other MissilesEdit

  1. Tactical Nuclear Weapon
  2. Anomaly Generator
  3. Mine field
  4. Proximity Mine
  5. Attack Drones

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